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Cubby Storage Cart

Introducing the Cubby Storage Cart, a sleek and versatile mobile storage solution designed for classrooms and makerspaces. Available with tote bins or fixed open shelves, this unit is part of the Explorer Storage System, providing educators with a seamless organization solution for learning materials and maker manipulatives.Lead Time 10-12 Weeks
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Makerspace Cargo Cart

The Makerspace Cargo Cart is the ultimate solution for versatile storage and organization in any workspace. With overall dimensions of 77.5x22x35.5 inches, this cart offers ample space for all your materials and tools.Lead Time 10-12 Weeks
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Standard Mobile Pedestal

The Standard Mobile Pedestal is created with the flexibility of open plan workspaces in mind.IN-STOCK (as pictured)FREE SHIPPING!
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Tall Storage Cart

This tall, versatile, mobile storage unit offers a sleek design solution for classroom storage and makerspaces and is available with either tote bins or fixed open shelves for large format storage
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