Music Room Furniture for Schools and Music Rooms

At JMC Furniture, we understand the importance of providing high-quality music furnishing for schools, music rooms, and band rooms. Our selection of music chairs, instrument storage, and music rugs is the perfect way to keep your music room organized, and also to make sure your students are comfortable. We also offer a variety of band room furniture, including music stands, music chairs, and instrument storage, to help you keep your band running smoothly.

We pride ourselves on offering quality music room furniture at an affordable price. All of our furniture is crafted with durable materials and is designed to last. Whether you’re looking for music chairs for a classroom or a full band room setup, JMC Furniture has you covered. We carry a wide range of music furniture and equipment that is designed to meet the needs of any school.

Music Chairs and Instrument

At JMC Furniture, we have a wide selection of chairs and instrument storage solutions for your classroom. Our furnishings are designed to provide comfort and support for your students, so they can focus on the music. We also have a variety of instrument storage solutions, from wall-mounted storage to rolling carts, so you can find the perfect way to organize your music room.

Music Rugs and Band Room Furniture

We also offer a variety of rugs and band room furniture to make sure your classroom is comfortable and organized. Our music rugs are designed to provide a comfortable and safe place for your students to practice. We also have a selection of band room furniture, including music stands, music chairs, and instrument storage, to help you keep your band running smoothly.

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Giant Drum with Four Felt Head Mallets

There is enough space for eight children to sit and drum together while sitting on the floor. They can use their hands or use the four felt-head mallets that come with the drum. Sturdy drum produces a deep warm sound. Discover just how rewarding making music can be by playing this drum. Its an exciting way to make music and develop listening skills with an instrument. Includes padded bag with carrying strap. Drum base and frame made of ash wood with a natural goat hide leather covering. - 7½"H x 30½"Dia. Wt: 18¼ lbs - Made in Germany - Ten Year Warranty
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Melody Music Chair

A contoured black polypropylene seat combined with a strong 7/8 , 16-gauge square tubing frame and 14-gauge rear seat brace along with polyethylene floor glides to prevent scratching. This unit is designed with a band-pitch style seat-to-backrest angle of 97 degrees which allows musicians to perform with optimal breathing posture. Four bumpers protect the black powder-coated paint finish when stacking.Check out all our music room furniture
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Melody Music Stand

This Music Stand will keep sheet music or lecture notes displayed at the height of your choice. The durable 22-gauge aluminum surface is a spacious 20 1/2 wide and features safe rolled edges to prevent harm to instruments or people. A black textured finish resists chips and scratches so your music stand looks good-as-new year after year.Check out all our music room furniture
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Note Worthy Rug

Music can be an invaluable addition to the classroom. Children can practice math skills, simple and complex rhythms, recognition of basic musical symbols, and note matching.
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Play Along Rug

Music education is a critical component to a comprehensive educational experience.
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Take Note Rug

Teach simple rhythms, introduce basic musical symbols, and instill in young students a lifelong appreciation of music.
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