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About Us

Leaders in design

Jonathan Morgan & Company Limited is a Canadian based commercial interiors company.
With design-led thinking and industry expertise, we provide a client-focused turnkey package of services.


To be a trusted global business partner providing mutually rewarding experiences throughout all stages of projects, from planning and interior design to build-out and furnishings.

JM&C is an innovative team dedicated to creating design-inspired work, learn and play environments, while providing opportunities and rewards for our clients, suppliers and employees.

Design-led interiors lead to the most effective work, learn and play environments. A well-planned interior space and attention to every detail greatly enhances productivity and performance. The quality and efficiency of our surroundings are directly related to the quality and efficiency of our lives.



JM&C combines empathy for the intended users of the space, creativity in the design and practicality of the furnishings to achieve an interior space that looks great and works even better.

Consultative Approach

Recognizing that not everyone knows exactly what they want until they fully understand their options, JM&C works closely with clients to establish a clear vision for the use of each space and creates a design that will best utilize it.

Client Communication

Space planning, building and furnishing projects are complex and require a keen attention to detail. Ongoing, proactive communication with clients about design specifications, budget and timelines is critical to the success of our projects and client relationships.