Soft Seating and Lounge for the Modern Classroom

Upgrade your classroom with our selection of soft seating and lounge options. Our chairs provide a comfortable, ergonomic seating experience for students, staff, and visitors alike. Whether you’re looking for a high-backed lounge chair or an inviting curved-back seat, our furniture provides modern comfort and style in any setting.

The perfect addition to any library, classroom, or lounge area, our seating, and lounge chairs provide a space for students and faculty to relax and collaborate. With a wide range of colors and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect seating option for your space.

Ergonomic Comfort

Our soft seating and lounge chairs provide ergonomic comfort for any setting. The curved-back design contours the body, while the foam cushioning ensures a comfortable experience. Our chairs are built to last with durable wood frames, so you can have peace of mind knowing your furniture is built to last.

When you invest in our soft seating and lounge chairs, you’re investing in quality furniture that will last for years to come. With a wide range of colors and designs, our furniture will fit any aesthetic and provide comfortable, modern seating for any space.

Browse our selection of seating and lounge chairs today and find the perfect furniture for your space.

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Floor Cushions

The Hive floor cushion is designed to increase the comfort of students sitting on the floor.
  • Includes 4 cushions. One black, yellow, red, and white per set.
  • The Hive Floor Cushion is a 4" high-density foam seat that creates a comfortable sitting position on the floor.

Komfy Living Room 4 Piece Set

Designed with style, just like at home, but sized perfectly for children and built to withstand the rigors of the classroom. Children won’t even realize they are learning as they melt away into the Komfy Sofa and Chair, matched with the Coffee & End Table. The two inch thick high-density foam cushion provides exceptional comfort and is wrapped with extra-durable, espresso-colored fabric that meets CA-117. It's finished with an ultra durable ultraviolet acrylic coating that has extra-strong resistance to daily wear and handles cleaning products with ease. - KYDZSafe Rounded Edges - Eleven Ply ⅝" Baltic Birch

Mini Tree Trunk Stool

Tree Trunk Stools are perfect seats for plays, reading circles, and nature discussions. Or stack them and use as adorable decorations to bring a bit of nature inside. Unbelievably realistic, the three dimensional photo reproductive quality of the Forest, Birch and Ash Collections simply compels you to reach out and touch them. Great for story telling spaces or to create a unique seating and gathering area that speaks to the forces of a natural setting. Polystyrene core helps these little stools keep their shape. Can be used outside or indoors, and are covered with a water-resistant, cleanable polyester fabric that simply wipes clean. A zipper along the bottom of the stump allows for the cover to be removed. - 11¾"H x 15¾"Diameter - 1yr warranty - Wt capacity: 220 lbs

Pebble Bean Bag Chairs

These pebble bean bags can be used to create a cozy reading retreat. Natural design in harmonious shapes to play and relax on. Perfect for children's libraries, early learning centers or story telling areas. Pebble cover made of velour, underside of robust 100% polyester fabric, separate lining with Styrofoam balls. Removable cover with zipper. Washable at 86°F. - Small: 11¼“H x 19¾“W x 18¼“D. - Large: 11¼“H x 29¾“W x 28½“D. - Ten year warranty - Made in Germany

Soft Floor Cushions


Soft, durable, easy-to-clean Floor Cushion sets

Add convenient comfort to any floor-time activity with our comfy and vibrant-colored octagon seat cushions.

Available in pre-configured 6-Pack sets, as shown.