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Balance Task Chair

The Balance Task Chair is a meticulously engineered fusion of design and functionality. Crafted with high-quality materials, interactive functionality, and simple styling, the Task achieves a fluid aesthetic that projects a seamless equilibrium. In stock available only in the colour pictured.IN-STOCKFREE SHIPPING!For other colour options please contact us.
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Electric Desk 30×60″

Introducing the Electric Desk 30x60" - the ultimate solution for a healthier and more dynamic workspace. Standing up while working isn't just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that promotes better posture and increased productivity. With our electric desk, you can effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions with just the flick of a switch, accommodating multiple users and adapting to your changing needs throughout the day.Dimensions 60″w x 30″d Height range: 26” - 43.5”IN-STOCKFREE SHIPPING!
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Motion Arc 3 With Table

Motion Arc provides space for up to 5 people to collaborate together, providing a unique space for people to connect and exchange ideas in a more colloquial and inviting way than around the boardroom table. In Stock option only available in the colours pictured.In StockFREE SHIPPING!(3 motion loop sections - Table Included)
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Motion Expo

Motion Expo is ideal for workplace presentations, providing 2 defined tiers for workers to gather around. The screens provide some acoustic privacy and help to define the area for its use. The bar leaner height desks provide space for laptops or notebooks as required. In stock option only available in the colours pictured.IN-STOCKFREE SHIPPING!
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Motion Meeting

Motion Meeting is a 4 seater booth which provides a high level of privacy for users. This enclosed setting is ideal for anything from focused brainstorming sessions to client meet and greets.Specifications 99.2″L x 59.1″W Worksurface: 39.4″L x 41.7″W 4-person capacityIN-STOCK (as pictured)FREE SHIPPING!
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Motion Wing

Motion Wing seating can be arranged to create meeting spaces or be used as quiet spaces to complete short individual tasks. The acoustic wings provide acoustic privacy with a more unique bold aesthetic.Standard In-Stock finishes: Charcoal Grey Stone GreyIN-STOCK (as pictured)FREE SHIPPING!
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Standard Mobile Pedestal

The Standard Mobile Pedestal is created with the flexibility of open plan workspaces in mind.IN-STOCK (as pictured)FREE SHIPPING!
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Uni Flip Top Table 30×60″

The Uni Flip table, measuring 30x60 inches, stands as a pinnacle of innovation in supporting modern work dynamics. Ideal for conference rooms, training sessions, meetings, and catering facilities, it swiftly meets the demand for additional working space for various projects.Dimensions 60″w x 30″d 28" HighIN-STOCKFREE SHIPPING!
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