How to Create a Library or Classroom Breakout Space

Sometimes, you just have to kick back and relax – and that’s even the case in our classrooms and libraries. The best way to allow this in your environment is by creating a casual, separated zone that encourages comfort and communication. In the latest blog from JMC Furniture, we look at how you can create a library or classroom breakout space in a few easy steps. Check it out!

Classrooms and libraries are all about learning. However, here at JMC Furniture, we believe learning shouldn’t always be based around a desk. Social learning is just as important as academic learning, and a comfy breakout area provides a space for your students to relax, exchange ideas and learn from each other. 

The Benefits of a Library or Classroom Breakout Space


Don’t let the name fool you. Breakout spaces aren’t just for break times – they are for general use and should be seen as a physical extension of your classroom or library. Rather than limiting your lesson to the confines of the classroom, a breakout space allows conversation to continue and flow naturally across multiple spaces. 

Breakout zones provide the perfect space for your students to catch up about their previous lessons, homework and group projects. They also provide a valuable space for teachers and support staff to meet with small groups of students. They can also be used as ‘in-between’ spaces, providing a space to kick back and take a load off during free periods. Put simply, a comfy breakout space can help your students feel at home at school. 

Setting up a breakout space for your classroom or library doesn’t have to involve lots of planning and investment. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve highlighted 4 simple steps to get yours done right. Check them out!