Discover Durable, Colourful Classroom Furniture with Furniture49

Here at Jonathan Morgan & Company, we’re big believers that awesome classroom furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we’re teaming up with our partners at Furniture49 to offer colourful, characterful furniture at unbeatable prices.

Today’s classrooms are dealing with some pretty unique challenges. Now, more than ever, classroom furniture must be hard-wearing, cost-effective, easy-to-clean and adaptable to changing needs. Luckily, our friends at Furniture49 are here to meet these challenges!

Based in Canada, Furniture49 has been launched to help schools across the country to stay equipped and on-budget. For a full digital showcase of the products on offer, check out their brand new website! The classroom essentials offered by this vibrant brand include:


Get Classroom-Equipped with Furniture49

Furniture49 is a range of durable, cost effective and vibrant classroom & educational furniture that is designed and manufactured in Canada and the USA. Here’s just a few reasons why we’re excited to see their official brand launch:

  • Top Quality: Furniture49 backs up its commitment to quality with a 10-year warranty on soft seating furniture and a lifetime warranty on all other products. Sturdy and stylish, these cool designs feature an Easily-Washed Pledge, with many surfaces 100% dry-erasable and disinfected to CDC Protocols!


  • Sustainability Commitments: This exciting brand is committed to a cleaner, greener approach to classroom furniture manufacturing with a closely-knit, environmentally-minded production chain that’s 100% based in Canada and the USA. All products are BIFMA Certified Green®, meeting rigorous low-emission standards using recycled wood-flour.


  • Designer-led: Furniture49 brings together some of Canada’s foremost talent in interior design to offer classroom furniture that is comfortable, long-lived and brimming with colour and character. 


  • Safety first: Current public health requirements; including social distancing and spatial division, are in a constant stage of change and teachers and educational leaders need flexibility in furniture like never before. Few understand the interior challenges of today better than the team behind Furniture49, who use their expertise to create safe teaching environments that promote productive learning & high levels of infection control.



Promoting interconnectivity and a shared educational experience via flowing, seamless and acutely-shaped designs, Furniture49 promotes happy, colourful and vibrant learning with flexible distancing when your classroom needs it most. Get your classroom equipped for September – get in touch today!