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Canada’s Choice for Educational Furniture

For us, furniture isn’t just a product. It’s a philosophy. JMC Furniture takes inspiration from the latest trends in design and classroom performance to offer comfortable, durable solutions that encourage happy, productive learning.

Modern educational furniture requires flexibility & adaptability to meet the teaching challenges of today. JMC Furniture is stepping up to the mark with a range of flowing, seamless pieces that can be easily moved & customised to accommodate changing class sizes, purposes and ongoing social distancing requirements. What’s more, our pieces are easily cleaned & vibrant, with each boasting a distinctly unique character.

Each and every product from JMC Furniture has been expertly crafted with precision, care and ultimate attention to detail. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly, long-lived materials wherever possible; demonstrating with every creation that sustainability doesn’t have to compromise on quality.

We take ownership over our design and we stand by our commitment to quality educational furniture. That’s why we offer a 10-year guarantee on soft furnishings and a lifetime guarantee on everything else. A lifetime investment doesn’t have to be a heavy investment, and we’re taking this ethos forward in our work with schools, libraries and universities throughout the country.

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Forget cheaper materials & lazy production processes. Every product crafted by JMC Furniture has been beautifully designed to specification with the performance and welfare of its user in-mind.

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Regardless of your spatial, operational or budgetary requirements, JMC Furniture works closely with school, libraries & universities to propose ideal solutions. Ask about our free consultations!

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We pride ourselves on maintaining ongoing & proactive communication with our customers. Our service offering is unrivalled; relaying design and installation timelines to guarantee a successful project.

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