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09 Aug 5 Reasons of why to hire an Interior Designer

You know we talked about the Spring cleaning? Yes, that has been the topic lately, you start thinking about that interior design project, your office space, reorganizing furniture, etc. But adding more to your already super busy schedule is not something that makes you excited, and...
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09 Aug How do colors influence learning?

We have a reaction to colors every day. On a traffic light, warning signs, websites, and nature so it does makes sense that color will have an effect on our learning process. I’m not a teacher or a psychologist and there is way too much information...
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09 Aug The Future of Workplace Space

As the time and technology change, our environments adapt to it. The modern workplace now centers around the staff and their experience interacting with space. The office setting is getting challenging now that people are retiring later, and designers need to come up with a space...
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17 Apr Top 5 Spring Colours

As the colors outside are changing from gloomy gray to light blue, our Interior Design color inspiration adapt to it. Here are 5 colors for you to bring that spring spirit into your office/home decor. 1-Yellow What can get brighter than that? Bold pops of color are one...
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17 Apr What is in your Bag?

Interior Designers need many tools to get the job done. Either you have to meet with a new client or a contractor, or it is installation day, designers must be prepared with their tools at all times. We asked our Interior Designers at JMC what are...
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09 Aug Wood Flooring Trends

Wood was and will always be IN, it is timeless, sleek, and very durable! Wood flooring offers that idea of bringing the outside in, giving out that nature vibe – which has been trending for the past years. Many office spaces are now opting for...
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